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Empowered Training believes in empowering our youth by conducting workshops on the lesser known EQ skills not taught in school – personal leadership, team building, social emotional learning, communication skills, effective public speaking and presentation skills.


Innovation and Enterprise for Schools

Building on the lessons learned in schools (P1 and above), this powerful program inspires young souls to challenge their imaginations and stretch their skills beyond what they believe as their current limits in academia.

In this program, young adults engage in an experiential workshop training their soft skills.

Personal Leadership, Team Building, Social Emotional Learning, Communication Skills, Effective Powerpoint Presentation skills, and Public Speaking and Presentation skills are just the tip of the iceberg of the lessons Young Adults learn in this course.

Students come away with a sense of confidence and certainty that reverberates in every aspect of their lives

Empowered Training provides a fully funded 25 – 30 hrs comprehensive structured innovation and enterprise learning programme for schools.

This programme is opened up to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges under the Ministry of Education. ITE Colleges and Polytechnics entrepreneurship programs are opened for discussion as well.

  • Money Management
  • Investment
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