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Innovation and Enterprise for Schools

Youth Entrepreneurship

SPRING Singapore is the enterprise development agency responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow. To build youth entrepreneurship, SPRING Singapore assist students to go through a comprehensive structured innovation and enterprise learning programme through the YES! School funding on innovation and enterprise.

YES! School

YES! Schools provides schools with grants to put in place a comprehensive structured innovation and enterprise learning programme for their students.

Spring Singapore will evaluate project proposal submitted by schools based on the following criteria :

  • Entrepreneurship and innovative elements
    The proposal should highlight the innovative approach of the project in entrepreneurship learning
  • Holistic approach
    The proposal should cover a comprehensive programme on the entrepreneurship learning activities to cultivate a mindset for enterprise among the students and/or teachers
  • Hands-on (experiential) learning component
    The proposal should demonstrate the feasibility of the project and outline the steps taken to ensure effective learning outcomes for students. Projects should also require students to put to practical use the lessons learnt
  • Reach of project
    The proposal should indicate the number of students who will benefit from the project. Innovation and Enterprise programme should reach out to a wider group of students, especially those interested in entrepreneurship
  • Mentors
    Mentors should inspire students, provide guidance and real business and industry knowledge on programme and product/s developed

Schools are encouraged to take part in national level competitions such as the:

  • Tan Kah Kee Yong Inventor Award
  • Sony Creative Science Award

Empowered Training provides a fully funded 25 – 30 hrs comprehensive structured innovation and enterprise learning programme for schools.

This programme is opened up to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges under the Ministry of Education.

ITE Colleges and Polytechnics entrepreneurship programs are opened for discussion as well.

Innovation & Enterprise Programme Video

Innovation and enterprise

Testimonials From Students on our Innovation and Enterprise Programme

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